Meet Deniece Williams, Certified Personal Trainer
Personal trainer Deniece Williams sits on a workout bench with two dumbbells on the floor. She looks happy and ready to train.

Hey, I’m Deniece

My background is in education and one of my life passions is fitness and health. There are few things that can compare to the natural high of feeling strong after a lifting session, or the endorphin rush from a good cardio routine.

I can remember as far back as middle school rushing home after class and putting in a Jane Fonda workout tape.  At that time, my motivation was mainly to lose weight. I was always the chubbiest member of my family and desperately wanted to lose the baby fat.  

Over the years, I have kept up various fitness routines as my motivation and methods have shifted.  I no longer exercise to just lose weight, instead I appreciate how good nutrition along with physical activity help to elevate my mood, alleviate stress and contribute to an overall happier, healthier, and fitter life.  When I eat better & move more, I feel better, less anxious, more in control, & stronger emotionally.

My education began at 13 years old back in my living room with Jane Fonda as my teacher.  Most recently, I began by researching and reading whatever I could about nutrition and fitness from reputable individuals and organizations.  

In 2017, I hired my own personal trainers for structure and accountability.  I also wanted to see if I could achieve faster and better results working with a trainer than I could achieve on my own by haphazardly following online routines.

In 2020 I earned my Elite Trainer certification from ISSA as a fitness, nutrition and mindset coach.  In 2021 I earned my Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) so that I further help my clients avoid injury.  

I have worked with busy women who are caregivers, wives, mothers and entrepreneurs.  My own experiences as a busy working professional and active volunteer helps me to treat my clients with empathy.  I understand that my clients are pulled in many directions, struggling to fit it all in.  I’m here to help you see that your health and fitness do not have to compete with your lifestyle, instead, they can be used to enhance it.

My clients have come in with self-limiting doubts and behaviors, and some even with physical limitations.  My goal is to help all to see that the goal is health and fitness that goes deeper than aesthetics and rises above your fears.  It’s about dedication, self-belief and confidence and finding joy in movement.

I’m not the kind of trainer that will enforce strict rules on you around exercise and food.  I will encourage you to include the foods that you enjoy in your diet and move in whatever way that you like.  I'm a firm believer in us working together as a team and I am excited to help you reach your fitness goals.



ISSA Certified Fitness, Nutrition and Transformation Coach
Pain Free Performance Specialist (PPSC) Certification
Fitness coach Deniece Williams looks up at her client and smiles while they workout in downtown Tampa's Curtis HIxon Waterfront 
Park.Deniece makes a funny face as she holds two dumbbells on her thighs.
"You are very motivating and considerate.

Thanks for encouraging me to continue my fitness goals and be stronger!"

Portrait of personal training client, Lisa W. standing in front of a stream in the forest.
Personal trainer Deniece Williams speaks to her clients over Zoom during a virtual training session.

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